Wednesday, June 26, 2013

BHR Model Arrives in France

In the April 10 post I mentioned that a model of the BHR was being transported across the Atlantic to France. It has arrived, and is now safely ensconced in a place of honor at the French Naval Academy (Ecole Navale).  A reception honoring this gift from the US Naval Academy was held on June 4 at Ecole Navale.

Here is the French version of events. Translated, it reads:
"On the occasion of Naval History Days, the opening of the model Bonhomme Richard ceremony was held Tuesday, June 4 at the French Naval Academy, under the direction Rear Admiral Philippe Hello and in the presence of U.S. Naval Attache, Captain Robert Buzzell.

Mr. Alain Boulaire, Doctor of History, prefaced this ceremony, gave a lecture entitled "A merchant ship became warship, the example of the Bonhomme Richard," particularly for the benefit of students in the first year at the Naval Academy and students of foreign naval schools present in the context of the international week."

You can read the model's descriptive plaque here.

In other news, our French Navy mission that was scheduled for early July has had to be postponed till later this fall due to the ships' military obligations. This project certainly takes a lot of patience, as it can be months or even a year until we can return to a wreck site to further investigate it.

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