Monday, May 14, 2012

There's This Bar...

So there is one place in England that I haven't quite been able to get to during all the port calls in the past several years. In the sleepy small town of Filey, which is south of Flamborough Head, there is a bar called Bonhommes.  They brew their own beer and apparently there is a beer named John Paul Jones, and one named Bonhomme Richard. The beer got good reviews from the locals when the bar opened in 2008: “I’ve just had my first batch and it’s gone down a right treat. I’ve been absolutely packed. Filey has been crying out for a local beer for so long. It’s absolutely superb. I really hope it does put us on the map.”  Here's what the bar looks like:

If we can get there this time, I'll certainly post some photos. I think it would be a riot! Not many American tourists go to Filey, so we probably could not be incognito.