Thursday, January 10, 2013

Getting the Word Out

New Publication!
In a previous post, I mentioned a new publication I was working on with Admirals Harvey and Demeocq. It has now been published in Marine Technology Society Journal's November/December 2012 issue. It's a Commentary piece titled "Searching for the Bonhomme Richard:  A Tale of Two Navies" and you can read it here:   I am posting it on our web site because the only other way to access it online is if you are a Marine Technology Society member (which I'm guessing a lot of people may not be).  But if you are an MTS member, or wish to become a member, please visit their site here.

2013 Mission
We are still planning for a spring expedition on a ship of opportunity that is based in the U.K. More on that as it develops.

French Navy Event
I'm very excited to be attending an event later this spring when a French Navy ship will visit the port of Norfolk, VA.  Part of the reason for this event is to bring on board a 6-foot-long model of the Bonhomme Richard (below) that will be donated by the US Naval Academy to the French Naval Academy. The French ship will transport the model across the Atlantic to its new home in Brest, FR.  The model will be part of an exhibit at the French Naval Academy which will highlight the importance of our shared maritime patrimony and the important partnership we have built in searching for the BHR.